Our Story

Just about 20 years ago I had the first of my 4 children, Little Anthony. I could not believe that we were capable of bringing something so precious, so fragile and yet so beautiful into the world, especially at such a young age of 23. When we brought him home, it was now time for Daddy to assist with the baby, not only because Mommy had a C section (cesarean) but because I was very anxious to show my love and devotion to this newborn little baby boy.

At night, when we finally settled down from me working all day, and her taking care of Anthony all day and then cooking dinner and cleaning up afterwards, I would want to hold Anthony for long periods of time and or bottle feed him, if Mom was unable to breastfeed.

I would set him on my lap or do the football cradle, all the while seeking a comfortable position that would allow me to hold him, so I could see him smile, interact with him and just plain cuddle, not just for the few minutes that I was comfortable, but for many hours at a time.

If my baby was crying, I wanted to hold him, if my baby was hungry, I wanted to feed him, if he looked at me in passing, I wanted to hold him, that’s when I said to myself it would be awesome if there was some type of baby seat I could put on my lap, that would allow me to comfortably, effortlessly and securely hold my baby for hours on end.

A year later I had my second son Mitchell, who was born with a Pneumothorax due to a hole in his lung. When he came home from the hospital, after spending 5 days in the neonatal ICU, he was even more fragile and even smaller than Anthony was. Poor Mitch, not only had a Pneumothorax but a severe case of colic as well. It was heartbreaking to hear Mitch cry so often.

Now with Mitch having the Pneumothorax and the fact he was a Colicky baby, I not only wanted to, but I felt the need to hold him to comfort him. And yet I had the same situation trying to hold him, I just could not get completely comfortable for long periods of time.

I remember saying to myself, I can’t believe that no one has ever made something, to allow you to effortlessly and safely hold your child on your lap.

Well they started to grow and I never thought about it again, as I did not have the need for the infant lapseat any longer.

Well, here it was 15 years later and I just had another baby boy, whose name is Alex. Alex was born with Autism. He is the most affectionate, loving and intelligent boy that I know. As soon as I brought my son Alex home from the hospital, and held him I remembered how unbelievably enjoyable it was to simply just hold my sons, but yet a little uncomfortable as well, especially the longer I held him.

I also wanted to be able to look at him and play with him while he was on my lap but it again was a little uncomfortable trying to balance him on my legs and keep them up at the same time.

I said to myself, ok it’s been 15 years and no one came up with this yet? It is now time to create this product.

The initial version was solely for the purpose of allowing me to hold my baby comfortably for long periods of time.

A year later, I had my very beautiful and first and only Daughter Ava. Ava was a reflux baby. It was clear in the Hospital she had GER.

With Ava in mind, I then created a completely new and separate Infant Lapseat, which was designed on a 30 to 45 degree angle to assist with her reflux and colicky babies as well. In the design stages, we realized it could be utilized for breastfeeding and bottle feeding as well, so we added the bolsters and modified the design again to allow for breast and bottle feeding.

During its “infant stages” (no pun intended) I then realized it was extremely easy to massage Ava in it. Baby massages assist in bonding and the release of serotonin, which helps babies sleep better.

I am very proud of the incredible product that we have created, that not only assists moms Dads, Grandparents and siblings in spending long periods of time, effortlessly, safely and comfortably with their babies, but additionally assists bonding, reflux and colicky babies, breast and bottle feeding, baby massaging and to just hang out with your infant.

Thank you for reading the story and I hope you enjoy our product as much as we do.

~ Anthony Garofalo, Father of Four