How to Use

  1. Failure to follow these warning and the instructions could result in serious Injury or death.
  2. Please read the Product Manual before using BABEE LAPTIME.
  3. Labels on unit are only intended as reminders. If you misplace your Instruction for Use,NEVER use this product. Contact Infant Affection for replacement Instructions for Use or Download from the Instructions for use and Product Warnings before any future use.
  4. Secure seatbelt firmly around your waist and tighten so the product is snug to your body.
  5. Always have the Babee Laptime secured to the holder PRIOR to putting baby in the seat.
  6. While seated, insert baby in Babee Laptime and adjust 5 point safety harness as needed to get a snug fit around your child.
  7. Always sit in a stationary comfortable seat while infant is in Babee Laptime.
  8. NEVER use as a carrier or lift while child is seated. It is not intended as a child carrier.
  9. This product is not intended to replace a crib or bassinet for prolonged periods of sleep.
  10. NEVER leave or put the child in Babee Laptime while not on your lap. Always keep child on your lap and in clear view.
  11. Always keep mouth and nose clear of any obstructions.
  12. Register Babee Laptime with the manufacturer to ensure product defect recall Notice and ownership of Lapseat.
  13. NEVER put infant in Babee Laptime without the cover on the foam insert.
  14. See Product Manual for additional Instruction for Use . If you are without the Product Manual for use, do not use this product.
  15. When finished using Babee Laptime , unbuckle 5 point harness and remove baby. Once baby is in a secured position, unbuckle seat and set Babee Laptime aside.

Warning – Do not use infant carrier if it is damaged or broken

Suffocation Hazard: Infant seat can roll over and suffocate child. NEVER place seat on beds, sofas, or other hard or soft surfaces.

Strangulation Hazard: Child can strangle in loose restraint straps. NEVER leave child in carrier when straps are loose or undone.

Fall Hazard: Child’s movement can slide carrier. NEVER place carrier near edges of counter tops, tables or other elevated surfaces