About Laptime

I have a preemie baby who is only 5lbs 4 ounces. Can I still use the seat?
Must I use the 5 point harness when the infant is in the product?
How do I Get the baby out of the seat?
My Baby is 24 lbs but only 30”s, can I still use the seat?
Can I wash the foam?
If I Purchase the Seat and then have used the product, can I still return it within the 30 days?
I have a 5 year old that loves to hold the newborn baby, but we are too scared to allow her to. Can she hold the baby in the seat?
I have fallen asleep holding the baby at night after breastfeeding, could the baby sleep in the Seat.


I have reviewed your website and see a lot of information on bonding and am just wondering how if I am breastfeeding and spending quite a bit of time holding my baby already, does your product assist in bonding?
As a new Mom I have been using a Boppy feeding pillow for Breastfeeding as my Mother told me it assists in bonding, but my baby still seems to reflux after feeding. Would your product help with that reflux as well as Bonding?
As a New Mother I have been bonding with my baby as much as possible but the Father has not, because he finds it a little scary to hold the baby and a little difficult as well. Will your product assist in the Bonding with the Father as well?
Are there any products of similar nature on the market for bonding?
Are there any unpublished Baby tips you can help us with while using the product?


I am breastfeeding my baby and want to know if I must disconnect the seat and switch sides to start feeding again.
Should I bottle feed my baby with the baby facing me or to the side?
I am having a very hard time getting my baby to latch on to my nipple correctly, could the infant feeding position on your seat help?
Is there any special technique to breastfeeding with the lapseat?
I use the seat so much and when it gets dirty and feeding time arises when it is in the wash I am unable to relax and feed like I do with the seat now. Do you sell just the cover?
My baby is due in November and I don’t know about Breastfeeding yet. Are there other products on the market that are slightly less expensive than yours?
Is Baby Laptime better for Breastfeeding or Bottle feeding?
Can I sleep with my baby in the lapseat while breastfeeding?

Colic and Reflux

My baby literally projectile vomits after or even during feeding, will the seat help this?
My Baby has severe Colic, can the seat help reduce my babies crying?
Our baby has “baby gas” and cries often does the 30 degrees assist in gas relief in my baby?
I have twins; both have reflux and or infant colic. Can I hold 2 babies in the seat at one time and will it assist in stopping my babies crying?
I see your seat assists in Reflux; will it also assist in gastroesophagael reflux or Gerd reflux?
My child only spits up once in a while, what are the symptoms of reflux in my baby and how does your product help.
Is your seat a proven “treatment for reflux”?
Is your product capable of curing colic or is it a treatment for colic?