Babee Laptime Launch Day Blog

We are happy to announce the launch of the new and improved Babee Laptime. Now sleeker, more streamlined and much less expensive than the initial version, it is ready to aid in your everyday care for your infant. Babee Laptime is the product that all first time parents and the entire family will be excited to use and take full advantage of. With our new website, you will easily find all of the product information about Babee Laptime.

The innovative design improvements have made our product even easier and more comfortable to use for hours on end. Babee Laptime is a device that accomplishes everything we hoped for. A truly unique device that creates a bond between the user, whether it is a Parent or a Sibling, Grandparent or family friend, like no other device truly can. A product that is scientifically designed to be both beneficial to your infants emotional well-being, and at the same time achieve an ergonomic feel that is truly unsurpassed for your own comfort. With all of these benefits, one would think that this product has to be well over $100. That is not the case, we sell our product at a low cost of only $49.99, a selling price that is accessible to all families that wish to own our product and truly achieve a parent-child bond like never before.